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Tag: pediatrics

The Value of Diversity

By Michael G. Galvez, MD FACS Dr. Sterling Bunnell, the founding father of hand surgery, introduced the concept of bringing together several surgical specialties to take care of all the tissues of the hand and upper extremity to repair and reconstruct all the necessary structures in a coordinated fashion. To become a hand and upper […]

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Phone a Friend – From a Different Subspecialty

By Fred O’Brien, MD In the Covid era, there has been no shortage of challenges in hand surgery, at the individual practice level and as a field. As an active duty member of the military, I work in an Army hospital. While we have all faced variants of the same practice problems recently, there have been […]

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Lifelong Learning in Hand Surgery

By Soumen Das De, MD, FRCS, MPH “The natural history of science is the study of the unknown. If you fear it, then you’re not going to study it, and you’re not going to make any progress.” – Michael E. DeBakey, Cardiovascular Surgeon One of the things I really like about Hand Surgery is its […]

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Four Giants Behind Four Miracles

By Yoko Kishi, MD, PhD I appreciate being selected to write for the February edition of ASSH Perspectives. Looking back on my life, I realize that there were four miracles that led me to four great doctors. When I graduated from medical school in Japan, there were no opportunities for a woman doctor to become a […]

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The Benefits Of Nature

By Mary Claire Manske, MD As a pediatric hand surgeon, I am reminded with nearly every clinic encounter that summertime is now upon us. Aside from the increasing temperatures outside (and the fact that the sun is out both when I arrive at and leave the hospital!), summer announces its arrival in a variety of […]

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