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Tag: sexism

Open Dialogue, Informing Change

By Dana L. Cruz, MD I had not met him before, but his soft smile and relaxed demeanor seemed kind. After a long day, I was not feeling especially chatty, but as he attempted to make small talk in the elevator of my apartment building, I engaged. Taking notice of my dark blue scrubs he […]

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A Scene on Repeat

By Catarina Gulledge, MD “No one told me you were a lady doctor.” I heard variations of this comment multiple times from patients in my first couple months in practice. Each time I was taken aback. My photo was available online for them to review and my biography used she/her pronouns. There had been advertisements […]

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It’s Time to Do Better

By Helen G. Hui-Chou, MD, FACS “Does your family own a restaurant?”  “Nope,” but being one of a very few Asian families in growing up in York, Pennsylvania, that is the assumption. But is that just the ignorance of teenagers? This was 1991. “Are you married to an Officer?”  “Nope, I am the Naval Officer, a Lieutenant […]

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