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Category: July 2018

For July, members sent us “thank you” letters to those that have helped them along the way, expressing gratitude for the guidance and support they have received throughout their careers. In turn, they share some of that indispensable advice with us.

Thank You To Dr. Tom Grossman

By Orvis H. Chitwood, III, MD Throughout the years of practice, both in the military and in the civilian world, I have encountered many individuals who have helped to shape my career and my character through either their guidance, actions or example. There is one individual who stands out among all the others. That person was […]

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Thank You To My Mentor, Dr. James B. Bennett

By Mehmet Demirtas, MD Dr. James B. Bennett, whom I met in 1994 in Turkey, when he came for a meeting as a guest speaker, was a mentor by whom I had been inspired spiritually and conceptually. On his visit to Turkey, I was honored by him accepting me as a visiting surgeon in 1995 at […]

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Thank You To The Women Of Hand Surgery

By Kathleen McKeon, MD Thank you to the women of hand surgery who came before me. Paving that road must have been lonely and uncomfortable. I have been in practice for four years. I am the first female surgeon in a large private practice all-orthopedic group in the deep South. I am just over five […]

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Managing Cognitive Dissonance During The Retirement Journey

By Robert V. Sypher, Jr., MD Elective retirement from a challenging and emotionally rewarding surgical career is no small task.  The choices are as myriad as the spectrum of personalities we bring to our training programs and career trajectories.  There are common themes and thoughts that all highly motivated surgeons must process once one faces the […]

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Thank You Letter To Dr. Peter C. Amadio

Full Title: Thank you letter to Dr. Peter C. Amadio, who was my mentor when I researched in Mayo Clinic from March 2014 to September 2015 By Kosuke Uehara, MD Dear Dr. Amadio, I really appreciate your help and support regarding our projects when I researched in Mayo Clinic. You gave me lots of guidance to solve […]

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