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Category: November 2020

We are all trying to get used to the “new normal” as things continue to change all around us. For this month’s issue, we asked our members what the biggest changes to their practices were in the era of COVID-19 aside from increased telemedicine appointments.

An Opportunity to Educate

By Jacqueline Corona, MD “Hello, my name is Dr. Jacqueline Corona. Pleasure to meet you. … Yes, that’s right—Corona.” With every greeting to a newly arrived patient, the pandemic is inescapably conjured into my examination room. When I utter the word Corona through my n95 mask, it brings to the foreground of my patient encounters […]

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Response Capacity

By Jose Couceiro, MD, PhD I currently work in a 900-bed hospital in northern Spain, a government-run facility.  The main change for me has been the diminishment of our response capacity. Following the government’s anti-COIVD measures, the number of patients in clinics has been restricted. All surgical cases, except life emergencies, are required to have […]

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Work Awhile in Someone Else’s Gloves

By Kathlyn J. Drexler, MD At the outset of the pandemic, our hospital scrambled to develop surge plans, and most physicians in other fields and specialties were deployed to new posts within the hospital. But it seemed there was no reasonable way to repurpose an orthopod, so our department was reduced to working half of our […]

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Our Changes

By Hilton P. Gottschalk, MD, FAAOS To give you perspective on this question, allow me to properly introduce myself and the responsibilities that I hold. I am the managing partner for my 9 physician / 70 employee practice. I am also the medical director of an ambulatory surgery center and hold a leadership position in our Children’s […]

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The Next Big Wave

By Hyun-Joo Lee, MD, PhD Aside from increased telemedicine appointments, what would you consider to be the biggest change to your practice during the pandemic? – Eureka! moment for the next big wave. During the striking outbreak of COVID-19 in our city, Korean government passed the law that a telemedicine appointment can be used. By […]

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