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Category: November 2017

For this edition of the ASSH Perspectives newsletter, we asked you to write about the advice that you would give your younger self. Our instructions are clear: write everything down, do everything with passion, and embrace the struggles and challenges, for those mistakes and failures may very well point us in the direction we were meant to travel all along.

What Advice Would I Give My Younger Self?

By Sonia Chaudhry, MD Write Everything Down. You are often busy during “teaching moments,” as they occur in the operating room, a busy clinic, or on overnight call. Take the time to write down teaching points as soon as you can and in more detail than you think you need. Even if that skill or “pimp […]

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Why Motorcycles And Bees Are So Cool

By Rod Hentz, MD After 40 years in academic medicine, the arthritis genes inherited from my father began to tell me that the scope of hand surgery I had so enjoyed for so long was going to become more and more difficult. I now had to ask the resident or fellow to tighten the last […]

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Five Seconds Of Passion

By Carlos F. Morales Hackett, MD Young colleagues, whatever you do, wherever you do it, do it with passion. You will see that if you do things with passion, all of those difficult situations during the surgeries, the mistakes, and life itself will be easier to carry. And run! Do cycling, play tennis, make sculptures, […]

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Ulna Shortening Osteotomy: Tried And True

By Kevin D. Plancher MD, MPH Ulna shortening osteotomy, when used for the ulna positive patient with a TFCC tear as taught to us by Andy Palmer years ago, is a true and tried method to resolve wrist pain in many athletes. It is important, though, when completing the osteotomy, to ensure that the bone […]

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Advice For Success

By Joanne R. Werntz MD When I first started out in my career, “success” seemed to be some unattainable alchemy of financial, professional, and personal achievement. In the years since then, I’ve learned that while our accomplishments bring a degree of comfort and satisfaction, true success is much more about how we approached the challenges […]

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It Is Worth It

By Jennifer Wozniczka, MD I would remind my younger self that those struggles in your life, big and small, result in the greatest growth. I’ve struggled to repair a flat tire on my bike only to have it pop again the next day. I’ve experimented with many plants in my garden that never grow. I’ve […]

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