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Category: April 2018

For this month’s edition, we asked our contributors to write about how they do things differently. From varying procedural opinions to fresh fundraising ideas to connecting with patients, members explain how they tackle common issues in their neck of the woods.

Clinical Perspective: Opioid Management

By Greg Askins, MD My interest in opioid management was peaked after my one son underwent an ACL reconstruction with a central third patellar tendon autograft. He was prescribed 60 oxycodone tabs, but only took 1 after the procedure. My other son underwent an arthroscopic Bankart repair and again was prescribed 60 Oxycodone tabs. He […]

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Doing Things Differently: Post-Op, Social Media, And Dancing

By Anthony M. DeLuise Jr., MD, FAAOS, CAQSH I was asked to make a few comments on how I do things differently. Three unrelated things come to mind. The first is post-operative hand therapy. I was trained at the Philadelphia Hand Center and was extremely fortunate to learn from some of the best minds in our […]

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“If It Ain’t Broke, Fix It”

By Marc R. Fajardo, MD A forty-something-year-old male recently sought me for a third opinion regarding his left thumb and wrist. He had been complaining of a one-year history of pain and disability over the area. His pain was atraumatic in origin. The pain worsened with sports and gym-related activity. He previously saw two academic […]

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WALANT Technique In Upper Extremity Surgery

By Bernard F. Hearon, MD Since 2010, one of the distinguishing features of my practice has been the adoption of wide awake local anesthesia and no tourniquet (WALANT) technique for most hand and wrist surgeries and even for some forearm and elbow procedures. In the central plains where I practice, many contemporaries continue to use […]

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An Argument Against Xiaflex

By William G. Littlefield, MD Full Title: An argument against using Xiaflex to treat Dupuytren contracture of the MCP joint and advocating limited “in-office fasciotomy” for patients meeting the indications for using Xiaflex Ten years ago, after completing the online training to be credentialed to use Xiaflex for the treatment of simple Dupuytren contracture, I began […]

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How I Manage The Metacarpal Fracture

By Marissa R. Matarrese, MD Tucked away in the northernmost corner of New York is a small town nestled on the shores of Lake Champlain. I started practicing here almost five years ago; it is my first job after fellowship. My fellow inhabitants are working-class people, many whom are farmers or factory workers. They, like […]

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Coping With “Resident Autonomy”

By Andrew Y. Zhang, MD Since I joined the faculty one-and-a-half years ago at a new university, and became the residency program director, my mind was much preoccupied with resident education. I received excellent training in my own residency and I had received awards for excellence in resident teaching at my previous institution. However, something felt […]

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