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We’re Different, We’re the Same

By Megan Conti Mica, MD A classic choice in my daughters’ bedtime reading rotation is We’re different, We’re the same. It reviews how things that define us may seem different but in reality, they are the same. For example, our noses may look differently but all noses smell and help breathe air, so they are really the […]

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Thankful for the Hand Surgery Community

By Lee M. Reichel, MD I would like to thank the membership for this opportunity. Being a part of a local, national, and international community of hand surgeons has been a refreshing source of personal satisfaction. Regularly interacting with our monthly Zoom community hand conference, the Journal of Hand Surgery, and the ASSH LISTSERV have kept me […]

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Two Surprises

By Jeffrey Yao, MD When invited by Kevin Lutsky to contribute to ASSH Perspectives, I was of course honored to participate but then I thought to myself, “What HAS been the biggest surprise of my career?” A challenging question as things seemingly have progressed and evolved in a somewhat straightforward career path, but upon further reflection […]

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My Perspective

By Shelby R. Lies, MD Our practices have changed significantly with stay-at-home orders and physicians quickly transitioned to offering telemedicine appointments. Though several virtual applications work flawlessly, many of our less technologically-inclined patients limit us to telephone visits, which are dependent on the patients’ medical education and interpretation for history-taking. I have discovered that in […]

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