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Category: March 2018

For this edition of the ASSH Perspectives newsletter, we asked members to write about ethical dilemmas they have faced or mistakes they’ve made or almost made. Members detail personal hardships and the ways they navigate the confusion and challenges faced on a daily basis.

During Dark Dilemmas, Friendships Shine

By Neal C. Chen, MD In December of 2011, my dearest wife Evelyne was diagnosed with cancer. At first, it seemed to be a straightforward diagnosis of Hodgkin’s Lymphoma—a disease with a high survival rate. We had just recently moved to Philadelphia when she was diagnosed, but my partners at the Philadelphia Hand Center told me […]

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Conservative Versus Operative Treatment: How To Avoid Confusion

By Takashi Kashiwa, MD As an orthopedic surgeon, I always think about conservative and operative treatments for curing a patient. I tend to think operation is more superior than conservative treatment, in part because I want to perform operations. If conservative treatment is enough for curing a patient, operative treatment may become over-treatment. I always pay attention […]

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