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Category: February 2022

Life rarely goes according to plan. For February, we asked our members to tell us about the “fork in the road” moment that brought them to where they currently are in their career. For many contributors, it wasn’t just one “fork”, but several.

My Career Course

By Luis Bolano, MD A few days ago I ran across this image authored by Tim Urban (1) and saved it to my photos. I thought it was a great perspective and a very useful frame for how we navigate through life. The next day, I was invited by ASSH PERSPECTIVES to submit on the […]

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A Fork in the Road. Followed by a Road Trip.

By Steve Duquette, MD I am extremely fortunate. I love my practice. I love the people I work with. My wife and family are happy here. We weren’t supposed to be here. The Covid-19 pandemic has created turmoil and tragedy across the entire globe over the past 2 years. Personally, it completely changed my career. Once I had matched into […]

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My Final “Fork” in the Road

By Rodger D. Powell, MD When asked to contribute to the newsletter, my topic was what “fork in the road” decided my ultimate career. Two thoughts immediately came to mind. First, it would be abundantly clear that I am not a writer. Secondly, that there was more than one fork that determined my final choice. […]

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Early Mentorship Is Crucial

By Todd A. Rubin, MD In the throes of training, whether medical school, residency, or fellowship, the ever so-called “fork in the road” can sometimes seem more like the glass bridge from the 2021 viral Netflix hit Squid Games. Before matriculating to medical school, I was a promising student at Emory University with goals of […]

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Advice at the “Right” Time

By Ronit Wollstein, MD I have a very distinct memory of my husband and I sitting in a completely packed-up house waiting for the movers to come and looking at each other thinking, are we really sure we want to do this? We were preparing to move to a new location after fellowship. For the […]

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