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Category: April 2019

When we look back on the roads we took to get where we are now, it is clear that some paths were more winding than others. For April, we asked members to think about an alternate universe in which they aren’t a hand surgeon: would you still have pursued medicine?

Patient Safety Scenario #10: Communication Culture

This essay is the tenth installment of the monthly Patient Safety essays, produced by the Patient Safety Subcommittee of the Ethics and Professionalism Committee. The essays are written in the spirit of the aviation industry’s “Black Box Thinking” in order to inform and improve our medical safety record. To read earlier essays and learn how […]

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My Alternate Paths

By Bryce Bell, MD If I weren’t a hand surgeon (and had some years to spare), I think I would have chosen pediatric cardiothoracic surgery. This was my favorite rotation in medical school by a long shot. Normal cardiac physiology always made sense to me and congenital heart anomalies were a fun puzzle to sort […]

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I Would Do It Again

By Fred G. Corley, Jr., MD “Would I do it again?” Would I spend 20 plus years in a classroom or a lab, often into the night and the next morning? Would I make my home in the stacks and carrels of the library for all those years in medical school? Would I take call […]

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My Journey to Hand Surgery

By Jerone T. Landström, MD, FACS I would pursue a broad based surgical specialty or become a medical genetic researcher.  Both of these vocations would benefit society, especially the former in areas of the world where surgical care is inadequate.  I would certainly stay in the field of medicine and would preferably remain a hand […]

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An Accidental and Circuitous Path

By Lewis B. Lane, MD With the writing prompt for this edition of Perspectives, “If you weren’t a hand surgeon, what other field of medicine would you pursue? Would it be medicine at all?” I reflect on a life very much influenced by outside forces, but also colored by opportunity. I will begin with my […]

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By Ines Lin, MD My daughter recently asked me when another surgeon would be on call taking care of hand problems.  Ironically, I was not on hand call that week, but I was away the week before on a surgical mission trip and then worked late a couple days, so I can understand her reasoning […]

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A Different Kind of Dissector

By Joe A. Rosenbaum, MD A hand injury in high school derailed my senior baseball season, though it also inspired my passion for hand surgery. I came back the next season and played in college, and thereafter went on to continue pitching at higher levels, but my time recovering helped me realize I had other […]

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Complex Dorsal MP Dislocation

By William E. Sanders, MD Although the dorsal approach to complex MP dislocation has been described, those who have not operated on this lesion before may benefit from a small additional observation. The volar plate can be so tightly displaced over the metacarpal head that it appears to be the articular cartridge of the metacarpal […]

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My Conclusions

By Micah K. Sinclair, MD As I contemplated this question, I was reminded that everything really does happen for a reason. This question is often asked in interviews or at cocktail parties and I answer quickly, without taking the opportunity to truly reflect on the question. Having done so now, I have been reminded of […]

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