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My First FDMA Flap

By Michelle Zec, MD “I thought it would be a good idea to try out a technique that I haven’t done before, Your Honor.” During fellowship, one of my staff was fond of saying that you should always consider how your surgical plan sounds with the words “your Honor” added to the end.  Exploring and […]

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Free Tissue Transfer In The Upper Extremity

By L. Scott Levin, MD, FACS “Preparation is the only shortcut you need.” This is a direct quote from Robert Acland MBBS – a legend, innovator, anatomist, and my dear friend. These words regarding elective microsurgery rang true in 1988–first heard during my fellowship at the Kleinert Kutz Clinic and remain true today. The concepts […]

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Making The Atasoy V-Y Flap Slide

By William Edward Sanders, MD There are multiple descriptions and articles about this procedure. However, it is usually taught to a resident physician by a more senior resident in an emergency room setting. My understanding when I was taught this procedure was to undermine between the pulp and the distal phalanx. It was several years […]

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