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Category: June 2021

To start the summer off, our members covered a variety of important topics. We’ve looked back on the trajectory of our career, we discuss the importance of making preliminary sketches in the treatment of hand fractures, and describe a few things some of us do differently than others.

Something Done Differently

By Omar Farooq Nazir, MD It is now common for one’s professional life to bleed into the realm of personal space. This was amplified by COVID-19, where many aspects previously done only at work became regular occurrences at home. By now, we have all had more than our share of meetings, classes, conferences, and clinic visits outside […]

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Full Circle

By Rodrigo Guerra Sabongi, MD My first memories of orthopedic practice come in a cloudy way. When I was eight years old, during a long car trip to visit my grandparents’ house in the country side of Sao Paulo state, I was deeply distracted with a radiographic film left in the car. During the long […]

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The Importance of Preliminary Sketches

By Lyudmil Simeonov, MD, PhD The ability to configure a preliminary plan as a drawing gives the surgeon better orientation and security for the pending procedure. It is well known that the hand is a complex sensory and motor organ. The morphology of the hand consists of intricate heterogeneous structures that are unforgiving to injury. […]

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