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Category: December 2019

The healthcare landscape can certainly feel tumultuous at times, creating rifts among the medical community. For December, we wanted to focus on unity. What is something that all hand surgeons have in common? Our members tell us what brings us together in divisive times and how it shapes the field.

Common Mantras

By Brittany Behar, MD I have the distinct pleasure of being the progeny of an orthopaedic-trained hand surgeon. My mother finished her training over 35 years ago. Growing up, whether I was completing an art project, or finishing my homework, I heard time and time again the following refrains: 1. Attention to detail is paramount […]

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A Love of Freedom

By Jorge L. Brito, MD, MA **The views presented are those of the speaker or author and do not necessarily represent the views of DoD or its components.** Hand surgeons share A LOVE OF FREEDOM, and, more specifically, the distinct ability and passion to be able to restore our full expression of liberty.  Hands define […]

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We Have Requirements

By Rafael J. Diaz-Garcia, MD When the American Society for Surgery of the Hand was founded in 1946, three dozen hand surgeons came together in Chicago to form an organization that would foster interest in the treatment of hand ailments.   The founders created an association that was an amalgam of general surgeons, orthopedic surgeons and […]

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By Dammika Abeywickrama Dissanayake, MD The moment I was asked if I could write down my ideas on this topic, what came to my mind was that I should “Google it” to find what transpires out of it. In fact, I did just that. Here is what I FOUND after typing on the Google search […]

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The Answer is Unanimous

By Michael B. Gottschalk MD, CAQ, FAAOS What is something that all hand surgeons have in common? How has this shaped the field? I told my colleagues it is because we all like to sit down.  After we had a good laugh, we pondered for a while and the real answer was unanimous among us: […]

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Beyond Beyond

By David C. Kim, MD, FACS I sincerely believe that medicine is one of the most noble professions known to mankind. For me, this ideal has not wavered since enrolling in medical school three decades ago. Admittedly, I’ve been quite fortunate. My career has enabled me to treat patients and to meet surgeons across the […]

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Four Distinct Qualities

By Gabriel Merlin, MD Being a hand surgeon is a privilege and an honor that is shared by every one of us. Our predecessors encouraged us to join the field by demonstrating the qualities that we aim to project ourselves. These important qualities include creativity, versatility, family, and the desire to give back. These four important traits […]

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A Global Community

By Henrique De Barros Pinto Netto, MD When our ancestors started standing upright, it was no longer necessary for the hands to act as support mechanisms, and so they began performing other tasks such as communicating and aiding the performance of functional necessities. This resulted in a greater concentration of nerves and muscles in the […]

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Unrivaled Collaboration

By Scott N. Oishi, MD I believe that the hand surgery specialty is unique as it comprises surgeons from varied specialties including general surgery, orthopaedic surgery, and plastic surgery. Although we have all completed hand surgery fellowships, our differences in basic prerequisite training has allowed collaboration amongst ourselves that has led to major advances in the […]

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