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Advice at the “Right” Time

By Ronit Wollstein, MD

I have a very distinct memory of my husband and I sitting in a completely packed-up house waiting for the movers to come and looking at each other thinking, are we really sure we want to do this?

We were preparing to move to a new location after fellowship. For the first time, I was following my husband to a location I probably would not have chosen if I were on my own. I was unsure I would fit in at my new department, felt they were doing me a favor, and worried I would not be successful.

I picked up the phone and called my mentor. He reminded me that if you are talented enough and willing to work hard, there is no reason you should not succeed. He knew me and he knew the people in both my destination and in my former workplace. And he was correct.

There are no right or wrong life decisions and there is never enough data to “scientifically” reach any conclusions, but a mentor can be invaluable in the decision-making process. Looking back, I often wonder at the serpiginous ways we get to where we are. I find it amazing that one mentor’s advice at the “right” time makes all the difference.

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February 14, 2022 5:30 pm

You are so right. Life is a bit of a gamble and there are few if any decisions that can not be re visited.


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