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Category: June 2018

Summertime is upon us! Even though “relaxation” may be a rare occasion for most, we asked our members how they choose to unwind whenever they get the chance. We found that our members relax in a myriad of ways, from finding peace and balance in nature to speeding across salt flats.

Hobbies And Physician Burnout

By Jonathan J. Cheng, MD, FACS I have always had a number of avid hobbies at any one time, which started as soon as I acquired the freedom and space to pursue my interests as a teenager.  However, I now have more dormant hobbies than active ones, each of which includes the typical dedicated collection […]

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Learn How To Relax, Have Fun, And Get Healthier By Dancing

By Bassem T. Elhassan, MD We are very dedicated to our work because we enjoy what we do and enjoy taking care of patients and making them better. However, in many instances our job could be stressful and it is very healthy and refreshing to try to find time to do other non-work related activities that […]

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Travel Therapy

By Carlos Henrique Fernandes, MD Traveling is my therapy to relax I was born in the city of Rio de Janeiro. Raised near Copacabana beach, I spent my leisure time in childhood and adolescence in the beach, engaging in activities such as bodysurfing and beach soccer. It was during medical school and the orthopedics residency […]

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Finding Time For Travel

By Ida K. Fox, MD It is true that summertime is my busy season as a “traumatology hand surgeon” at an academic medical center that provides care to everything from disastrous injuries to high end esoteric transplant and oncology patient complications.  Luckily, I married someone who also has his busy time in the summer (my husband […]

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Racing Across The Bonneville Salt Flats

By Loree K. Kalliainen, MD, MA, FACS That I have spent many summer vacations on a salt desert in Utah never fails to make me smile. Growing up in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, tenting beside a lake, swatting mosquitos, was the norm.  My husband, Kevin Clemens, and I started to go to the Bonneville Salt Flats […]

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The Benefits Of Nature

By Mary Claire Manske, MD As a pediatric hand surgeon, I am reminded with nearly every clinic encounter that summertime is now upon us. Aside from the increasing temperatures outside (and the fact that the sun is out both when I arrive at and leave the hospital!), summer announces its arrival in a variety of […]

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Relaxation: It’s A Matter Of “Who”

By Nathan A. Monaco, MD As the junior member of a hand center comprised of six practicing upper extremity surgeons and as the father of three children under the age of six, summertime relaxation for me comes within the context of fulfilling a few responsibilities that I have been fortunate enough to accumulate over the […]

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The Solution: Mini-Vacations

By Jin Bo Tang, MD Relaxation could be rare for a busy surgeon with an academic burden. However, taking one or two weeks away is not uncommon for surgeons in many countries. How could you find relaxation if you do not regularly take vacation or your schedule cannot afford being entirely away from any profession-related activities? […]

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Peace And Balance In Nature

By Mark A. Yaffe, MD Terrariums are self-enclosed ecosystems that are easy to make and, with curator skill, completely self-sustainable for months or years. They have a fantastic inherent Zen. Finding local seasonal plants, mosses and lichens as close as one’s own backyard is an amazing way to slow the pace of life and reflect […]

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