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Category: July 2020

For this month’s edition of Perspectives, we decided to step away from circumstances impacting the globe and ask members what they felt was the biggest surprise of their career. A common and most reassuring trend was that members are “surprised” to find themselves still loving their profession as much as they do.

Growing Pains: The Art of Wearing Multiple Hats

By Melissa Arief, MD Last week my practice manager handed me a 52-page financial report for our small private practice. Did I know that per month our phone bill is $5000?         If I could change one thing about my education, I would have studied economics. Biochemistry seemed appropriate at the time, but now as a […]

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The Biggest Surprise of My Career

By Leon S. Benson, MD It is a reasonable time to reflect back upon my past 30 years as a hand surgeon, given that I just turned 60 years old (at the height of the pandemic in Chicago!) – and that one of my daughters just started her residency in psychiatry and the other one […]

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The Biggest Surprise Is…

By Lisa Kruse, MD We spend at least 10 years, 3,650 days, or 41,600 hours (assuming an 80-hour week) to become hand surgeons. And the biggest surprise of my albeit just beginning career, is how much I love what I do.   I have always enjoyed being a hand surgeon, but in the whirlwind of training, passing […]

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Professor Tsuge and Myself

By Takaya Mizuseki, MD Professor Kenya Tsuge was a world-renowned hand surgeon who reported many new ideas and techniques in the field of hand surgery. He was a great man not only in the academic career but also in private life. I am privileged to have worked with him since he assumed a position as a Director […]

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My Journey

By Takehiko Takagi, MD, PhD About 20 years ago, during one summer vacation as a medical student in Japan, I visited Dr. Arnold-Peter Weiss at Brown University, Rhode Island Hospital, in Providence, RI, and took part in the clinical clerkship to learn the basics of hand surgery. This marked the beginning of my career as […]

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My Biggest Surprise

By Jennifer Tucker, MD, MS “Hand surgery isn’t the hard part, it’s getting everyone to work together.” This is what Dr. Kay Kirkpatrick (now Senator Kirkpatrick) told me a few months into beginning my practice in one of the largest Orthopedic groups in the country. I had just completed my fellowship and was reviewing and […]

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Perseverance During COVID19: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

By David Wei, MD, MS, on behalf of the LifeWiseMD team This post originally appeared on the LifeWiseMD team website. This excerpt has been reproduced with permission from Dr. Wei. I asked one of my patients what he does for a living recently and he casually revealed he was a retired Navy SEAL. It’s not […]

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Two Surprises

By Jeffrey Yao, MD When invited by Kevin Lutsky to contribute to ASSH Perspectives, I was of course honored to participate but then I thought to myself, “What HAS been the biggest surprise of my career?” A challenging question as things seemingly have progressed and evolved in a somewhat straightforward career path, but upon further reflection […]

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