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Category: June 2019

For June, we asked our members if there was a book they felt every hand surgeon should read. The suggestions that came in were chosen because of how the books helped readers navigate everything from tough financial situations to patient relationships. We hope these can be added to your summer reading list!

Patient Safety Scenario #12: CRM Means Listening to the Entire Team

Captain Rick Saber at the controls. He is a leader in the field of aviation safety and how “crew resource management” made aviation safer. This essay is the twelfth installment of the monthly Patient Safety essays, produced by the Patient Safety Subcommittee of the Ethics and Professionalism Committee. The essays are written in the spirit […]

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Vignettes from the Life of ‘Abdu’l Baha

By Robert L. Bassett, MD “What book should every hand surgeon read?” Clearly we have all done hand fellowships. Clearly technical works on current practice do not require further praise. What is important to us as hand surgeons? How can we best treat our patients? How do we love, care for, give to and respect […]

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The Brothers K

By Jeffrey B. Friedrich, MD The reason why I started reading The Brothers K by David James Duncan (the same author who wrote The River Why) is because I’d heard that one of the characters had a toe transfer following a work-related thumb injury. That is indeed part of the story, but a minor one. […]

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Notable Translated Titles

By Ryosuke Kakinoki, MD, PhD There are many English-written text books of hand surgery. Here, I would like to introduce several famous textbooks of hand surgery that were originally written in Japanese and later translated into English. The most famous one is Comprehensive Atlas of Hand Surgery, written by Dr. Kenya Tsuge, professor emeritus Hiroshima […]

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Books by Drs. Gawande and Kalanithi

By Michael Norris, MD I have chosen three books, rather than one, which I believe every physician, regardless of specialty, should read.  In no particular order, I begin with Complications: A Surgeon’s Notes on an Imperfect Science by Atul Gawande. Written as Dr. Gawande was a General Surgery resident, he looks deeply into his own […]

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David and Goliath

By Nicholas E. Rose, MD As hand surgeons, we are all in various stages of our careers. Nevertheless, most of us have, will have, or have had children go through the arduous college application process. Dominating the news for several months has been the saga of “Varsity Blues,” the story of a group of wealthy […]

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Man’s Search for Meaning

By Gary D. Salomon, MD I am writing this while on a surgical mission with Rotaplast in Firozabad, India.  I find the work I do on these missions to be extremely meaningful, as I do with my work at home. The book that comes immediately to mind is Man’s Search for Meaning by Victor Frankl. […]

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Staged Management of Distal Humerus Fractures

By William Edward Sanders, MD Distal humerus fractures involving the elbow joint have been voted the most disliked upper extremity injury. The concept of rigid internal fixation that will allow early range of motion is very difficult to obtain in many situations, and impossible in some. I have treated three patients in a staged method […]

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The Wrist: Diagnosis and Operative Treatment

By Nina Suh, MD, FRCSC Choosing one book that every hand surgeon should read is a difficult task as the options for academic, leadership, and organizational behaviour books that are applicable to our subspecialty are endless. Overall, I believe a voracious appetite for reading and a curiosity to expand beyond the routine orthopaedic or plastic surgery […]

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