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Category: November 2018

We asked members to give us their best clinical pearl this month. From innovative replacements of occlusive dressing sheets to advice on doctor-patient interactions in today’s world, our members provide us with some novel advice for improved clinical practice.

Suture Whiskers

By Carey Alexander Clark, III, MD The following technique was developed from my attempt to decrease surgical closure time, hasten the suture removal process, and create a better experience for my patients during their first post op visit. Choosing an efficient way to close larger volar and dorsal wrist wounds was my challenge. The dermis […]

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My Clinical Lesson

By John Elfar, MD In this era of large competing practices and electronic medical records, there are many patients who do not get the benefit of ever meeting a doctor.  They are often surprised when I introduce myself as they are expecting to meet a mid-level provider. During training, I received sage advice from Dr. John […]

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We Must Listen

By Bea Grasu, MD My best clinical pearl is also what I value most about our profession – listening to our patients and building a rapport.  It is essential to understand their stories and corroborate the information they provide with the physical exam.   Removing the distance between the patient and physician is best done through time, conversation, […]

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Patience Is A Pearl

By Albert R. Harris, MD I must admit that being asked to contribute something to ASSH Perspectives came as a bit of a surprise.  As a community plastic surgeon whose practice is only about one third hand surgery, I wondered what clinical pearl I could possibly offer the hand community.   What I decided upon is […]

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Wrist Arthroscopy Pearls

By Antony Hazel, MD In the age of explorers, individuals embarked on great voyages that spanned the globe, redefining what was possible.  Their expeditions were inspired by myths, and they were committed to confirming the tales that they had heard with their own eyes.  In a similar manner, I had set off to Spain early […]

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Enjoy The Approach Shot

By Claude D. Jarrett, MD In golf, focusing and mastering a good approach shot can considerably ease the difficulty of the putt.  One of the quickest ways to worsen one’s score is to rush through an approach shot while prematurely thinking about putting on the green.  Similarly as my fellowship mentor constantly reminded me, one […]

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Pay Attention To What We Have Skipped Over

By Jihyeung Kim, MD, PhD In the pediatric clinical situation, we usually focus on the patients. However, we can get more useful and important information from the family members of the patients. If a child visits clinic with a congenital problem, we should check if the mother or father also has the same condition. We […]

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Free Tissue Transfer In The Upper Extremity

By L. Scott Levin, MD, FACS “Preparation is the only shortcut you need.” This is a direct quote from Robert Acland MBBS – a legend, innovator, anatomist, and my dear friend. These words regarding elective microsurgery rang true in 1988–first heard during my fellowship at the Kleinert Kutz Clinic and remain true today. The concepts […]

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My Many Pearls

By Kathleen A. Robertson, MD PEARLS: 1) THANK GOD each day for your talent and your ability to help people. Keep “helping others” at the forefront of your mission as a surgeon and person and your capabilities will be boundless. 2) THINK CHANGE Never be afraid to change the way you do something! *Open carpal tunnels […]

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