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Category: October 2021

We challenged our contributors to present ways for improving hand surgery. From utilizing EMRs to contacting surgeons of other subspecialties, our members proposed some very insightful ideas.

A Need for Standardization

By Brittany Behar, MD How do you feel about electronic medical records (EMR)? If you’re like me, you love that you can access notes from across institutions and see other physicians’ patient assessment from virtually anywhere in the world. It also allows for retrospection, for physicians to review patient outcomes, and evaluate the efficacy of […]

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Invaluable Surgeon-Surgeon Advice

By Sonia Chaudhry, MD, FAAOS We have all had the experience of asking a colleague about a difficult case and receiving prompt advice. Most often we get technical pearls, but just as importantly, one can point out differential diagnoses to consider, crucial diagnostic workups, equipment to have available, or postoperative considerations, to name a few. If […]

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An Idea for Improving Hand Surgery

By Shailesh Gupta, MD Sitting down to write the article got me contemplating if there is even anything novel in what I’m doing. It’s the ever-so-same microsurgery, same wrist surgery, general hand surgery, etc. I was struck by this question again and again on what is something specifically special to me worth sharing.  An average […]

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Continued Mentorship

By Simon MacLean, MBChB, FRCS(Tr&Orth), PGDipCE As hand surgeons, we’re always looking to improve results for our patients. Surgery is an art and pushes us as individuals. Success as a surgeon relies not just on technical expertise but also creative thought; problem-solving, generation of ideas, and a multitude of interpersonal and self-analytical skills. Success as […]

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Phone a Friend – From a Different Subspecialty

By Fred O’Brien, MD In the Covid era, there has been no shortage of challenges in hand surgery, at the individual practice level and as a field. As an active duty member of the military, I work in an Army hospital. While we have all faced variants of the same practice problems recently, there have been […]

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