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Category: February 2021

For February, we asked about setbacks that ultimately led to opportunity for success, or from which members learned advantageous lessons. Hand surgeons do an excellent job of putting a positive spin on unfavorable circumstances, and these contributions showcase that.

Prioritizing Patients Over Reviews

By Joshua Bales, MD Friends and colleagues, As 2021 begins and medical coding pivots once more, both new and old challenges collide. From a physician perspective, I am relieved that policy makers are realizing the burden of EMR. However, I am saddened of the continued reliance on Press Ganey and online reviews in evaluating quality. […]

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Looking for Dinosaur Eggs

By William Hagberg, MD We are all experiencing the COVID pandemic and its devastating and far-reaching effects on our lives and those we love. For those of us not on the front lines of the battle, the pandemic has forced drastic and unexpected changes in our professional lives. Our office and our O.R. schedules have been altered […]

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Four Giants Behind Four Miracles

By Yoko Kishi, MD, PhD I appreciate being selected to write for the February edition of ASSH Perspectives. Looking back on my life, I realize that there were four miracles that led me to four great doctors. When I graduated from medical school in Japan, there were no opportunities for a woman doctor to become a […]

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Something’s Gotta Give

By Alexander Lauder, MD Why do we go into hand surgery? What goals do we have in our career? What goals do we have in our personal life? Are these aligned? A mentor once described work-life balance as a triangle with the apices representing professional career, personal life/family, and monetary income, noting that “You are […]

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Hand Doctor

By Barry P. Simmons, MD Education sets the stage for our successful careers. I was fortunate to have wonderful Hand Surgery mentors, Raoul Tubiana in Paris and Ed Nalebuff, Dick Smith, and Lewis Millender in Boston. They not only were teachers but also instilled in me the excitement about care of the upper extremity. Each had their “special […]

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Needing and Accepting Help

By Emily Slate, MD I looked into the eyes of the woman sitting across the exam room table from me. She had told me what she could remember of the car accident and the subsequent hospitalization. We had gone through the extensive exam and I had reviewed her studies. I had drawn my best version of the brachial […]

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Relying on Others

By Paul L. Sternenberg, MD In the summer of 2019, I visited high school friends in the Chicago area for our regular annual reunion. While at a baseball game, I noticed some shimmering in my visual field that I assumed was something in my right eye. I kept trying to wipe it out of my eye. By […]

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