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Category: October 2017

For this edition of the ASSH Perspectives newsletter, we asked you to write about your life outside of practice. Who are you when you aren’t a hand surgeon?

Family, Friends And Hobbies: Finding The Balance

By Alvaro Baik Cho, MD, PhD My name is Alvaro Baik Cho and I’m from São Paulo, Brazil. Outside my practice, I’m pretty much an average guy with family, friends and hobbies. I have been married for 13 years and I have a 10-year-old girl and a 6-year-old boy. I am a man of faith […]

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My Life Outside Of Practice: Nature And Baking

By Lorraine K. Doyle, MD In this present atmosphere of micromanagement and ridiculous regulations, I escape to the outdoors, and I canoe. The triad of motive (absurd administrative demands), opportunity (a co-worker willing to teach me), and location (Cleveland’s Metroparks) led easily to the purchase of my first canoe. The absolute joy of paddling, surrounded […]

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My First Consult And Two “Aha!” Moments

By Michael B. Grillot, MD Back in 1994, I had just finished my hand fellowship in Tampa, Florida and was one of the new docs in Springfield, Missouri. Anxious to work and ready to go, I received my first hospital consult. He was a nice gentleman about 75 years old with newly diagnosed diabetes and […]

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The Harmony Of Life

By Dana LaVanture, MD, FACS I sit in our camp in the middle of the woods, miles from the nearest road. I’m relaxing now after hiking a mountain that afforded a scenic view of lakes and the Adirondacks High Peaks Wilderness. If only I had brought a guitar to share my soul language of music […]

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More Than Medicine

By Roger E. Salisbury, MD, FACS I retired in 2008, after 46 years in Medicine. My career was a blessing and directing Burn Centers, performing hand surgery and overseeing a division of Plastic Surgery in a Medical School provided magnificent challenges, joys and sadness. Medicine, however, never totally defined me. I have also had a […]

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The Many Hats Outside Of Hand Surgery

By Leslie E. Sisco, MD While working full time as a hand surgeon, it is still possible to find time for outside activities. Orthopaedics and hand surgery have been my passion since college and now consume much of my time willingly. My husband and I choose to live in New Orleans so that if there […]

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In Praise Of A Hobby

By Craig R. Stirrat, MD  As I approach retirement, I have frequent conversations with colleagues and patients about “what I will do when I retire.” My answer is, “I enjoy woodworking.” Typically, people reply, “Oh, aren’t you lucky to have a hobby. How long have you been doing woodworking?” It turns out that I’ve been […]

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