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Category: April 2020

Change may be necessary sometimes, but it’s not always welcome. For April, we asked if there were there any recent changes to the field that they found to be unfavorable, whether it was related to technology, changes in techniques, or anything else. Despite potential gripes, our members continue to find ways to be positive.

Why Are Universities Moving Away From Hand Surgery?

By Moroe Beppu, MD, PhD I have worked in academic departments for 40 years until my retirement in 2015. My career began when I joined the Department of Orthopedic Surgery at the Jikei University, School of Medicine in 1975. I then worked as a research fellow and later a clinical fellow with Louisville Hand Surgery […]

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From Care Provider to Care Recipient

By Michael Jablon, MD, FAAOS The prompt in this month’s “Perspectives” invitation is “Are there any recent changes to the field of hand surgery of which you are not a fan?…”  While I am in the fifth year of an extremely enjoyable retirement, I have not been as concerned with the newest developments as when […]

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My Approach for This Chronic Lunate Dislocation

By Chris LaSalle, MD The patient is a 45-year-old male who was unfortunately involved in a motor vehicle accident in Tennessee. His injury occurred on June 16, 2018. He was seen there and transferred to home, seen by my physician assistant on July 5, 2018, and found to have a lunate dislocation. I saw him […]

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My Story, My Dream

By Tsuyoshi Murase, MD There are not many recent changes to the field of hand surgery of which I am not a fan. Instead, I will talk about a fairly recent technological advancement that has motivated me greatly. Twenty years ago, as a young hand surgeon, I was treating a large number of cases on a […]

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Thoughts on WALANT

By Charles A. Pailthorpe, FRCS, Ed Sterling Bunnell, the father of American hand surgery, insisted on the use of a proper tourniquet as expressed in his saying, “You can’t fix a watch in a bottle of ink.” What would Bunnell think of WALANT (wide awake local anaesthesia and no tourniquet)? [Lalonde DH. Reconstruction of the […]

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Giving a Hand

By Simon G. Talbot, MD Undoubtedly, this has been a very challenging week for many of us. Next week may be significantly worse. And as I think about my fellow hand surgeons around the US and the rest of the world, it is clear that we are all going to witness hardship and tragedy. It […]

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By Stefan V. Zachary, DO, FAOAO, MS I miss cloth. We were sold on the advantages of the disposable and now we are exposed by the lack of disposables. Hand surgery, like most of orthopedics, has turned to disposable gowns, drapes, Esmarch bandages, external fixators, insertion devices and masks.  Until recently, it was taboo to wear the same […]

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