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Category: August 2020

We asked members to tell us about their greatest strength as a hand surgeon. Technical aptitude was addressed, but our surgeons also spoke about perseverance, striving for more knowledge, and thanking their mentors. I think we can agree those attributes are just some of the qualities that make hand surgeons so special.

Perseverance and Humility

By Frank Chen, MD Two characteristics come to mind when discussing strengths of hand surgeons. These are perseverance and humility. Both attributes are inherent and further influenced by experiences in our training. Without such qualities, success in hand surgery, let alone any field, would be curtailed. I think that any individual who pursues a career in […]

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The Case for NA

By Avrum I. Froimson, MD Hand surgeons who treat patients with Dupuytren’s contracture should consider doing Needle Aponeurotomy (NA). In selected cases it is clinically and cost effective, providing great patient satisfaction. Recent peer reviewed articles have concluded that NA yields results as good or better than collagenase injection for one fifth the cost. It […]

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The Hand Sketched by Da Vinci

By Tokio Kasai, MD One day, while relaxing on the sofa at home, I was flicking through Collection of Hand Sketches, which features drawings by the great masters of the world. The book includes various sketches of hands drawn by the great French masters Ingres and Delacroix and the titans of the Renaissance, namely, Michelangelo […]

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Thankful for the Hand Surgery Community

By Lee M. Reichel, MD I would like to thank the membership for this opportunity. Being a part of a local, national, and international community of hand surgeons has been a refreshing source of personal satisfaction. Regularly interacting with our monthly Zoom community hand conference, the Journal of Hand Surgery, and the ASSH LISTSERV have kept me […]

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What Can We Do Better? Fix the Future of Hand Surgery

By Joseph A. Rosenbaum, MD As hand surgeons, we excel at solving complex anatomical problems, from smashed distal radius fractures to multiple tendon lacerations and blast injuries. We perform complex surgical reconstructions and even recognize and address minor factors which, if unaddressed, might cause a poor outcome. Yet many of us struggle to recognize and […]

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My Career Move

By Virak Tan, MD As my turn came up to contribute to ASSH Perspectives, I racked my brain of what I could possibly add in a meaningful way. The topic did not come easily. I considered writing about surgical techniques that I’ve tried through the years, the design and development process of orthopedic implants, and […]

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Attending Trauma

By Antonio Tufi Neder Filho, MD, PhD Hand Surgery is a fascinating specialty promoting rehabilitation of patients in the main objective. For this, the hand surgeon has at his reach a great variety of procedures that warrant ability and accuracy. During all of my professional career, I consider my major strength as an orthopedist and […]

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Steady Hands

By Lindsey Urband, MD I consider my greatest strength as a hand surgeon to be my technical skill and steady hands. As it turns out, I began cultivating these attributes as a child in my play. When I was four years old, I built a dollhouse with my grandfather. The construction of the dollhouse itself […]

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Realizing Limitations and Appreciating Serendipity

By Paul Zidel, MD “What is your greatest strength as a hand surgeon, and how could you improve?” That was the topic assigned to me. How can I answer in an interesting, insightful, and meaningful way? To paraphrase The Princess Bride movie, prepare for disappointment.  At first, I was intrigued when asked to expound upon […]

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