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Free Medical School Tuition – Is it a Good Idea?

By Andrew W. Gurman, MD ASSH member and former President of the American Medical Association Disclaimer: The views expressed in this piece are my own, or as referenced, and do not reflect the views of the ASSH or the AMA. On August 16, 2018, The New York University Langone school of Medicine announced that it […]

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Not Without Hitches

By Timothy R. Judkins, MD Thanks to a $650 million endowment, NYU is going to make medical school tuition free for all students. This will certainly make it even more competitive, as many applicants will look at NYU that might not otherwise. NYU hopes to increase the diversity of its classes and allow their students […]

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The Exorbitantly High Cost of “Free” Education

By Robert R. Slater, Jr., MD, FACS In my opinion, offering “free” medical school education, as has been proposed and is being tested in New York, is a horrendous concept for several reasons. First, it is a basic tenet of human psychology that if one thinks an item has no “cost” then it has no […]

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