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When Should I Try Something New?

By Michael M. Vosbikian, MD This is a question that plagues us all whenever we read an article, see something at a meeting, or get approached by someone from industry. We see the technique or the technology, we get seduced, and all of a sudden, to this shiny new hammer, everything looks like a nail. […]

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The Biggest Surprise Is…

By Lisa Kruse, MD We spend at least 10 years, 3,650 days, or 41,600 hours (assuming an 80-hour week) to become hand surgeons. And the biggest surprise of my albeit just beginning career, is how much I love what I do.   I have always enjoyed being a hand surgeon, but in the whirlwind of training, passing […]

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My Journey

By Takehiko Takagi, MD, PhD About 20 years ago, during one summer vacation as a medical student in Japan, I visited Dr. Arnold-Peter Weiss at Brown University, Rhode Island Hospital, in Providence, RI, and took part in the clinical clerkship to learn the basics of hand surgery. This marked the beginning of my career as […]

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Silver Linings

By Michael N. Nakashian, MD It is Thursday May 7th, as I sit here at my desk at home in New Jersey. Just having finished off an afternoon of Telehealth visits, I reflect on how much my job has changed. It is a time of questions without answers, leaving surgeons like us at a loss […]

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My Perspective – May 8th

By Leo M. Rozmaryn, MD As I write these words I sit holed up at home during a time that I was supposed to be in the OR and the clinic. I’m bombarded by a rush of varying emotions that are swirling about inside. Hand surgeons are intensely proud of their specialty and its role that it has […]

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