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Perspectives of Retirement

By Richard S. Smith, MD I would like to add my perspectives on my recent retirement to this edition of ASSH Perspectives.  In February, 2021, I retired after over 30 years of practice.  This was a planned event centered around my youngest daughter’s graduation from medical school in June, 2020, and the expiration of my […]

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Relying on Others

By Paul L. Sternenberg, MD In the summer of 2019, I visited high school friends in the Chicago area for our regular annual reunion. While at a baseball game, I noticed some shimmering in my visual field that I assumed was something in my right eye. I kept trying to wipe it out of my eye. By […]

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Feeling Burned Out

By Joshua M. Adkinson, MD If someone had told me 5 years ago that I would have to worry about burnout, I would have laughed. “Despite the complications, middle of the night emergencies, flap take-backs, and abundant paperwork, I love my job and feel blessed to have the opportunity to help my patients and teach a […]

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The Solution: Mini-Vacations

By Jin Bo Tang, MD Relaxation could be rare for a busy surgeon with an academic burden. However, taking one or two weeks away is not uncommon for surgeons in many countries. How could you find relaxation if you do not regularly take vacation or your schedule cannot afford being entirely away from any profession-related activities? […]

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