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Tag: fixation

My New Go-To Fixation Technique

By Ryan D. Endress, MD I’ve recently adopted the technique of cannulated intramedullary screws for metacarpal neck and shaft fractures. Depending on the fracture pattern, I would previously either perform percutaneous fixation with wires, or open fixation with plates and/or lag screws. I was looking for a way to provide the best of both worlds (i.e. less […]

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Intramedullary Fixation

By Tyler Steven Pidgeon, MD “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” is a common adage that many surgeons live by. When success is more or less assured with a certain procedure, it can be hard to step outside of one’s comfort zone and try something new. Why take a risk with your patient’s outcome? […]

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When Should I Try Something New?

By Michael M. Vosbikian, MD This is a question that plagues us all whenever we read an article, see something at a meeting, or get approached by someone from industry. We see the technique or the technology, we get seduced, and all of a sudden, to this shiny new hammer, everything looks like a nail. […]

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