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Tag: clinical

Perfect Hand Reconstruction: Cost Effectiveness

By Wang Xin, MD Although hand transplantation is an established technique, it is still not a routine treatment option for hand reconstruction. Toe transfer is still the most common method of hand reconstruction. My long-term goal is the perfect balance of hand reconstruction and foot morbidity in toe-to-hand transfer. The donor foot morbidity is unavoidable […]

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My Approach for This Chronic Lunate Dislocation

By Chris LaSalle, MD The patient is a 45-year-old male who was unfortunately involved in a motor vehicle accident in Tennessee. His injury occurred on June 16, 2018. He was seen there and transferred to home, seen by my physician assistant on July 5, 2018, and found to have a lunate dislocation. I saw him […]

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Have We Lost Our Nerve?

By Richard D. Meyer, MD Of all the “procedures” done by hand surgeons, release of entrapped nerves are among the most common. There were countless chapters, articles, and research produced decades before there was reliable evidence or tests to substantiate these diagnoses. Even after nerve conduction testing became more routine, it was years before carpal […]

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