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Tag: burnout

Man’s Search for Meaning

By Gary D. Salomon, MD I am writing this while on a surgical mission with Rotaplast in Firozabad, India.  I find the work I do on these missions to be extremely meaningful, as I do with my work at home. The book that comes immediately to mind is Man’s Search for Meaning by Victor Frankl. […]

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Hobbies And Physician Burnout

By Jonathan J. Cheng, MD, FACS I have always had a number of avid hobbies at any one time, which started as soon as I acquired the freedom and space to pursue my interests as a teenager.  However, I now have more dormant hobbies than active ones, each of which includes the typical dedicated collection […]

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The Benefits Of Nature

By Mary Claire Manske, MD As a pediatric hand surgeon, I am reminded with nearly every clinic encounter that summertime is now upon us. Aside from the increasing temperatures outside (and the fact that the sun is out both when I arrive at and leave the hospital!), summer announces its arrival in a variety of […]

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