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Notable Translated Titles

By Ryosuke Kakinoki, MD, PhD

There are many English-written text books of hand surgery. Here, I would like to introduce several famous textbooks of hand surgery that were originally written in Japanese and later translated into English.

The most famous one is Comprehensive Atlas of Hand Surgery, written by Dr. Kenya Tsuge, professor emeritus Hiroshima University. The first edition was issued in 1978 in Japanese and later translated into several foreign languages, including English. In this atlas, the drawings (which were originals of Prof. Tsuge) are beautiful and delineate the details of hand surgery accurately, and it is very helpful for readers to understand the operative techniques that Dr. Tsuge actually did. It can be used to check operative procedures before going to the operative theater as well as for learning unfamiliar operations.

The other book I recommend as a textbook of hand surgery is The Hand – Its Function and Anatomy, authored by Dr. Yasuo Ueba, professor emeritus of Kyoto University, who learned hand surgery from professor Robert Carrol in Colombia University. This book was also originally written in Japanese in 1974 and has been recently translated into English. Because this book describes anatomy, physiology, and functions of the hand from the clinical perspective, it is useful for hand surgeons to perform surgery as well as for medical students or hand surgery beginners to learn anatomy and functions of the hand. Personally, this book is helpful to understand the mechanism and causes producing deformities and functional deficits of the hand. These textbooks are available online for purchase.   

Ryosuke Kakinoki, MD, PhD
Professor of Hand Surgery & Microsurgery
Kindai University Hospital

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