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Importance of Promoting a Healthy Environment in Your Practice of Medicine

By Gilberto Gonzalez, MD

As a newly trained hand surgeon, you will soon be joining an established practice, a place that has functioned before your arrival at its door step. As a clinical provider you will come in and be very enthusiastic. At the same time you will truly believe you are there to make positive contributions in the daily operations of the surgical practice.

As we know, there will be numerous expectations that have been identified for you to achieve, and of course, since you have been trained over the last 9-10 years, you hold yourself accountable to achieve and or excel at everything you do. In your mindset, failure is simply not an option.

Your list of task includes getting to know your peers, improving the overall health and condition of your patients, delinquently preparing for your board collection period, and becoming comfortable in a community  where maybe you have never lived, be it a new geographic location or possibly a new home, etc.

You must understand that each of these factors will produce various forms of stress in your professional as well as personal life.  So take a step back and be very careful as to how you react to the individual stressors you encounter because “at the end of the day,” they could very well transform you into a different individual that you’ve never been before.

Look to find common ground with your superiors. Always strive to develop positive productive relationships with your colleagues. Just as important is the absolute need to build a healthy working relationship with each of the various staff members that work diligently day to day to keep your surgical practice operational with a common goal of delivering quality driven and patient-focused medical care.

Please believe me when I state that these elements are critical in ensuring a positive transition in your professional as well as personal lives.

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