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Tag: telehealth

What I’ve Found Helpful

By Pedro K. Beredjiklian, MD What I have found most helpful is to determine from the beginning of the televisit whether the patient is communicating with a standalone video source (computer, laptop) or a handheld device (tablet, phone). It can be very difficult for the patient to show the location of their pain or perform any […]

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Not Ideal, but Patients Were Grateful

By David B. Fulton, MD During this pandemic, our group tried to practice social distancing and did as many telehealth visits as feasible. We particularly encouraged the elderly and the immunocompromised patients to stay home and use the telemedicine option. Our group selected as our telemedicine platform since it was easy for our patients […]

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My Perspective

By Shelby R. Lies, MD Our practices have changed significantly with stay-at-home orders and physicians quickly transitioned to offering telemedicine appointments. Though several virtual applications work flawlessly, many of our less technologically-inclined patients limit us to telephone visits, which are dependent on the patients’ medical education and interpretation for history-taking. I have discovered that in […]

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Bring the Conversation Back to the Exam Room

By Alan J. Micev, MD As a hand surgeon, I pride myself on consistency. I am compulsively on time, I almost always listen to the same music in the operating room (bossa nova, for those of you who were wondering), and at the start of a case, I tap my foot the same number of […]

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Telehealth and the “New Normal”

By Jason A. Strelzow, MD, FRCSC The rapid adoption and deployment of telehealth services across orthopaedics and the medical landscape was a tidal wave of new technology, and new challenges. Awkward silences, blank screens and frustrations on both sides of the telehealth divide were early nuances in the “new normal” as the medical world attempted […]

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