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Tag: private practice

My Career Course

By Luis Bolano, MD A few days ago I ran across this image authored by Tim Urban (1) and saved it to my photos. I thought it was a great perspective and a very useful frame for how we navigate through life. The next day, I was invited by ASSH PERSPECTIVES to submit on the […]

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How My Professional Life Has Changed

By Antonia Russomando, MD I thought a lot about this topic.  It’s not easy to talk about all things that a surgeon can learn in this amount of time. I think that, like every surgeon who loves his job, one of my main issues was to get new skills and to improve my technical attitude. […]

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My Career Move

By Virak Tan, MD As my turn came up to contribute to ASSH Perspectives, I racked my brain of what I could possibly add in a meaningful way. The topic did not come easily. I considered writing about surgical techniques that I’ve tried through the years, the design and development process of orthopedic implants, and […]

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Today is May 4th

By Margaret K. Jain, MD My perspective in this crisis is not unique—I’ve traded surgery for home-schooling, chasing children, Nexflix binges and home workouts.  But probably the biggest change to my daily life has been an abundance of time—time not committed to patients or staff, but simply, and suddenly, for me.  This luxury is one […]

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Lack of Interaction

By Lindsey Urband, MD, FAAOS I am honored to have the opportunity to provide a perspective on my personal journey into the field of hand surgery during Women’s History Month. I was first introduced to hand surgery while on a surgical mission to Chimaltenango, Guatemala in medical school.  “Dr. Leo,” as the patients referred to him, […]

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