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Tag: mentorship

Continued Mentorship

By Simon MacLean, MBChB, FRCS(Tr&Orth), PGDipCE As hand surgeons, we’re always looking to improve results for our patients. Surgery is an art and pushes us as individuals. Success as a surgeon relies not just on technical expertise but also creative thought; problem-solving, generation of ideas, and a multitude of interpersonal and self-analytical skills. Success as […]

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By Omri Ayalon, MD Repetition and focus leads to greater comfort, and generally, better results. In reflecting on the first 5 years of my practice, this is true of the surgical procedures I perform, my ability to effectively communicate with patients, and my ability to run an efficient practice and manage a team. This was […]

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How My Professional Life Has Changed

By Antonia Russomando, MD I thought a lot about this topic.  It’s not easy to talk about all things that a surgeon can learn in this amount of time. I think that, like every surgeon who loves his job, one of my main issues was to get new skills and to improve my technical attitude. […]

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Goals for My Career

By Joo-Yup Lee, MD, PhD As an international member of ASSH, it is my great pleasure to have a chance to look back upon my professional career as an orthopedic and hand surgeon. Since I graduated from medical school 26 years ago, I have pursued the academic career path and now I am working as […]

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Attending Trauma

By Antonio Tufi Neder Filho, MD, PhD Hand Surgery is a fascinating specialty promoting rehabilitation of patients in the main objective. For this, the hand surgeon has at his reach a great variety of procedures that warrant ability and accuracy. During all of my professional career, I consider my major strength as an orthopedist and […]

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How Did I Get Here?

By Lindsey Caldwell, MD When asked “How did you end up in orthopaedic surgery? And why hand surgery?” my answer usually goes something like this: sort of haphazardly. Having grown up in a non-medical family, there were no doctors (much less hand surgeons) to expose me to the field. Going to college I knew I […]

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