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Tag: examination

What I’ve Found Helpful

By Pedro K. Beredjiklian, MD What I have found most helpful is to determine from the beginning of the televisit whether the patient is communicating with a standalone video source (computer, laptop) or a handheld device (tablet, phone). It can be very difficult for the patient to show the location of their pain or perform any […]

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Physical Examination of the Hand in Telemedicine

By Kazushige Gamo, MD, PhD The upsurge of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic has hastened physicians, including Japanese hand surgeons, to change outpatient practices to telemedicine. Telemedicine is ideal when distancing from patients is necessary for the safety of both the patient and the physician. However, in telemedicine, hand temperature, joint movements, and nerve sensation […]

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Making Telemedicine Work

By Scott D. Lifchez, MD, FACS As a hand surgeon, I rely on my hands (no pun intended) to tell me what is going on with my patient. Finding exactly where they are most tender to palpation, feeling a rumble of crepitus, getting a little more laxity from one collateral ligament than the contralateral one tells […]

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Telemedicine Exam Tips

By Robert C. Rhoad, MD A rapid integration of telemedicine occurred into many of our practices over the past months. Here are a few practical tips, mostly learned by trial and error, to help your exam run smoothly. Regardless of the telemedicine program used, be certain to provide clear instructions on how to access the […]

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My Newly Minted Telemedicine Experience

By Matthew M. Tomaino, MD, MBA My practice consists of 50% shoulder and 50% hand and elbow. And even though only 15% of my patients have elected a “telemedicine exam” since the Covid-19 crisis began, my newly minted “telemedicine” experience has illuminated the following: The value of the “exam,” and more importantly my “assessment,” is […]

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