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Tag: assessment

Telehealth and the “New Normal”

By Jason A. Strelzow, MD, FRCSC The rapid adoption and deployment of telehealth services across orthopaedics and the medical landscape was a tidal wave of new technology, and new challenges. Awkward silences, blank screens and frustrations on both sides of the telehealth divide were early nuances in the “new normal” as the medical world attempted […]

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My Newly Minted Telemedicine Experience

By Matthew M. Tomaino, MD, MBA My practice consists of 50% shoulder and 50% hand and elbow. And even though only 15% of my patients have elected a “telemedicine exam” since the Covid-19 crisis began, my newly minted “telemedicine” experience has illuminated the following: The value of the “exam,” and more importantly my “assessment,” is […]

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