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The Next Big Wave

By Hyun-Joo Lee, MD, PhD

Aside from increased telemedicine appointments, what would you consider to be the biggest change to your practice during the pandemic? – Eureka! moment for the next big wave.

During the striking outbreak of COVID-19 in our city, Korean government passed the law that a telemedicine appointment can be used. By sudden introduction of the teleconference, we realized that not only telemedicine appointment, but also other technologies will invade into our practice. People hesitated to use the technologies in medicine for a safety issue, even though technology already matured in the past. However, people and doctors have to accept the sudden change and introduction to our life and medical practice because we now know how useful and necessary they were. Artificial intelligence, telesurgery, virtual reality, and other new technologies also will be introduced very soon to our medical practice like as telemedicine. In addition to accept the new technology, we also have to actively join to develop our own new stethoscope to cope with the next big wave. Cras ingens iterabimus aequor!

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