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Response Capacity

By Jose Couceiro, MD, PhD

I currently work in a 900-bed hospital in northern Spain, a government-run facility.  The main change for me has been the diminishment of our response capacity. Following the government’s anti-COIVD measures, the number of patients in clinics has been restricted. All surgical cases, except life emergencies, are required to have a negative COVID test before they are scheduled. Elective cases have to be booked for surgery three days before at least. All these factors have increased our waiting lists both for clinic appointments and surgery. The COVID crisis has proven to be an important burden on our health system. As we struggle against this relentless enemy, that kills or maims our patients, friends, and families; threatens our economic system, our freedom, and our way of living; we have had to sacrifice some things, among them our surgical and clinical response capabilities.

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