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Telemedicine Exam Tips

By Robert C. Rhoad, MD

A rapid integration of telemedicine occurred into many of our practices over the past months. Here are a few practical tips, mostly learned by trial and error, to help your exam run smoothly.

  • Regardless of the telemedicine program used, be certain to provide clear instructions on how to access the call. 
  • If possible, customize your telemedicine “waiting room” with helpful instructions.
  • Remind your patient to prepare for the call in a location with optimal Wifi signal.
  • Proactively discuss converting to a simple telephone wrap-up if the video signal or technology falters during the visit.
  • If relevant, have your team instruct the patient to remove dressings or splints before beginning the call.
  • Tell patients to place their injured hand, finger, wrist in front of face for best viewing on screen. Patients often hold the anatomic area below the screen or too close to the screen for clarity.
  • Demonstrate the desired motion or exam test on your own hand/wrist for the patient to repeat on their own.
  • A follow up call or email from your team can be critical for necessary follow up: scheduling testing, DME, therapy, or directing to an informational/educational link.

Robert C. Rhoad, M.D.
President and CEO
Wellington Orthopaedic & Sports Medicine

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